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We wish it was ready now too! We're doing everything we can to get it back asap. This shirt is very popular and sold out faster than we anticipated. We are also dealing with the supply chain delays that are all over the news these days. Unfortunately, that is beyond our control. Some things just run on Aloha time.

The good news is that we've got the fabric to make these shirts in El Paso. So we recommend preordering now to reserve yours for the run of shirts we're making, as these will likely sell out quickly again. Thank you very much for your patience and interest in our shirts.

Joe Quigg is the man behind many of the design innovations of the modern surfboard. As Joe has said, “if I can draw it, I can build it.” In 1990, Joe created this sketch to memorialize some of his many innovative board designs, including the “Daralyn Board,” which he originally made for a girl in Malibu in 1947. But the Daralyn Board soon became a sensation -- it was lighter, narrower, and shorter than other surfboards -- and once the best surfers in Malibu tried it, they all wanted one because of its outstanding maneuverability. The Daralyn is just one of Joe’s designs that were taken up by modern surfboard shapers and built into the DNA of modern surfing. As Joe notes in his sketch, “These improved combinations have lasted in the surf shops for these past 43 years.”

A few years back, Joe gave this sketch to his friend (and our Art Director), Dale Hope, to use as the basis for a print design. We’re grateful for the opportunity to honor Joe and his contribution to surfing with this Aloha shirt. Joe’s genius as a surfboard and watercraft designer has allowed millions of people to share his passion for riding waves and increased our care and respect for the ocean.

Fabric & Construction

  • Cut and sewn in El Paso, Texas.
  • Original print, artisanal printing technique; colors may vary.
  • Versatile Cowboy Cloth. So tough it scares wrinkles away; so soft you'll wake up still wearing it, remarkably unwrinkled.
  • Reverse print traps happiness inside.
  • Short-Sleeve | Tailored fit | Pearl snaps | Shoulder yokes
  • Performance from sea to snow and beach to bar

The Artist: Joe Quigg

Joe Quigg is one of the most influential designers of the modern surfboard. Millions of surfboards today owe their shape directly to designs Joe already had innovated by 1948, when he was still in his early twenties. Joe designed some of the first big wave guns, modern pintails, and the noserider. The design of his “Daralyn Board” was a revolution in surfboard maneuverability.

Although Joe’s genius as a designer is most widely known through his surfboard designs, he also is credited with inventing or improving the design of many other types of watercraft. Over the years, Joe has designed surfboards, paddle boards, outrigger canoes, and some of the world’s fastest catamarans. He has been called the “Michelangelo of ocean racing crafts.”

Joe was born in Los Angeles in 1925 and spent his time as a young man surfing in Santa Monica. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he opened a surf shop in Santa Monica. In 1953, he moved to Hawaii to open a surf shop and pursue his passion for designing surfboards in the birthplace of surfing. Joe still lives on Oahu today, having spent a lifetime of spreading his love of surfing and the ocean to millions of people around the world.



What is "Western Fit"?

Not too boxy and not too fitted. Designed to be worn untucked. If you're between sizes we recommend sizing up.

Find your perfect fit:


The chest measurement is taken 1" below the armhole. Measure under your arm at the broadest part of your chest for a full chest measurement.


Measure the circumference of your neck with at least two fingers of room. Round up to the nearest half inch.

Sleeve Length:

Measure from the base of neck at center point, where your collar meets the yoke, over the shoulder and down to the wrist.


Fits Neck

Fits Chest

Sleeve (Center of back neck to wrist)


13 ½” - 14”

32” - 34”



14" - 14 ½"

35" - 37"

32 ½" - 33"


15" - 15 ½"

38" - 40"

33 ½" - 34"


16" - 16 ½"

41" - 43"

34 ½" - 35"


17" - 17 ½"

44" - 46"

35 ½" - 36"


18" - 18 ½"

47" - 49"

35 ½" - 36"


19" - 19 ½"

50" - 52"

36” - 37”


20” - 20 ½”

53” - 55”

36” - 37”

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