Q: Where were you born & raised? 

A: I was born and raised in an old whaling port town called Newburyport, Massachusetts. Fishing travel has been a huge passion point for me over the last ten years. Getting your passport stamped for a fishing trip immediately brings me massive happiness!

Q: Where do you reside now? 

A: For the past 17 years I have lived in Kailua-Kona, HI. I moved here after graduating college in Maine with a degree in Fisheries Biology.

Q: When did you first start fishing? How did you get into it? 

A: My father was, and still is, an avid fisherman. He started taking me fishing before I can even remember. In fact, my very first memory is of me watching my dad fish a small river while mom and I sat on the riverbank.

Q: Is there any fond memory of fishing you have? Your favorite catch? 

A: I would say most of my fondest and most poignant memories are of failed trips, unsuccessful expeditions, and of course losing big fish. You usually learn more about your craft in your failures versus successes. Every photo I have while holding a big fish represents countless hours of not catching anything!

Q: Do you have any special ties to the water? 

A: My special ties to the water are really blood deep. I was born into being a fisherman and I really can’t see a future where it’s not a huge part of me.

Q: Do you have any rituals / habits / rules when you’re fishing or on the water? 

A: Hats are my one fishing superstition that holds my attention. Sometimes a particular hat just seems to hold that extra bit of magic, so I fish in it until the magic wears out, then on to the next magic hat. Right now it’s a plain camo cap with some dirty words printed on it. My Fiancé HATES it.

Q: What is the fishing community like? Do you enjoy meeting others who fish? 

A: The fishing community in Hawaii is hugely different from the fishing communities on the mainland. Here, fishermen are respectful and mindful of each other’s time and space. Mainland fishing communities tend to be extremely competitive with often high tensions amongst a group.

Q: Have you traveled around to different fishing spots around the nation or globe? 

A: My favorite fishing destination over the past few years has been travelling to the Middle East country of Oman. When people think of fishing destinations, the Middle East would usually never come to mind, but the ocean and reefs of the Arabian Sea are incredibly prolific fisheries. 

Other international places I’ve fished include Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Bahamas, Belize, and Kiritimati. Although, of all the places I’ve travelled to fish, fly fishing on Molokai holds a very special place in my heart.

Q: Have you been in any competitions? Accomplishments you’d like to share? 

A: I used to fish competitively when I lived on the mainland where I was heavily involved in bass fishing tournament leagues. After a while the competitive nature of it really tainted my passion for fishing. In hindsight it was important, however, to have been through competitive fishing to really learn that simply fishing itself is what makes me happy.

Q: Do you have other hobbies / passions? 

A: When I’m not fishing I’m probably picking around on my guitar or maybe up on the mountains of Big Island hunting for mouflon sheep.