Our Home

The Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii (from which the State of Hawaii takes its name) is perhaps the only place in the world you can drive from a warm, sandy beach to the top of nearly 14,000 foot high, snow-capped volcano in under two hours, passing through every nearly all of the planet's climate zones on your short trip.

It is the Polynesian child of East and West, a blend of white sand beaches and deep blue oceans, cloud forests and dizzying waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and erupting volcanoes, Buddhist temples and prairie churches. Its people are descendants of Tahitian seafarers, Mexican vaqueros, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese plantation workers, Micronesians displaced by nuclear testing, American and English sailors and missionaries, and many other travelers from around the globe.

It is a precious jewel set in one of the most remote locations on earth.

Western Aloha is honored and fortunate to call the Big Island our home.