Western Aloha is based in one of the most culturally and geographically diverse places on earth. Rising from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Big Island is also one of the most geographically isolated places. Where and how we manufacture our products are part of this story.


When searching for a responsible textile manufacturer and the perfect fabric, we realized our ideal fabric didn’t exist. So we went to work with a woven fabric maker in Taiwan that shares our commitment to the environment, with a long history of demonstrating sustainable textile production and resource management. In the end, we created "Cowboy Cloth" -- a special dual fiber blend that feels as soft as cotton but with the performance characteristics of a synthetic.

Aside from being ridiculously comfortable, Cowboy Cloth is:
easy care
quick to dry
breathable and durable
able to perform in environments as varied as those found on the Big Island.

With care, Cowboy Cloth will last a long time and only improve with wear. If you're anything like us, you'll live in it.

Cut and Sew

Most of our shirt styles -- and all of our printed shirts and dresses -- are cut and sewn in El Paso, Texas by a family-owned factory run by two brothers who are third-generation western shirt makers.

Our plaids and solids currently are cut and sewn in Taiwan at the same factory that weaves our fabric. For us, and at this time, this is the best manufacturing option. We'd love to keep all our cut and sew in the US and will do so where we can.