Shirt Construction

Our shirts are inspired by classic western shirts. With origins in traditional work wear, western shirts developed their own distinct style suitable for town or ranch.

Although we mix things up a bit to create our own style, our Western Aloha Shirts have some or all of the following features:


Cowboy Reason: Because cowboys didn't like to sew buttons.

Our Take: Snaps add style points, and ours are the toughest industrial-grade snaps on the market.

Tailored cut

Cowboy Reason: To prevent snags on brush or barbed wire.

Our Take: A tailored cut gives our shirts a more modern look.

Shoulder yokes

Cowboy Reason: For extra durability and protection.

Our Take: We use yokes to improve fit and add contrast and variety to our print designs.

Pockets with flaps and bartacks

Cowboy Reason: To keep goods secure while out wrangling the herd.

Our Take: Our pocket flaps are western, but not 1970s-on-stage-at-the-Opry western. Our pockets are durable and reinforced with bartacks.

Long sleeves

Cowboy Reason: For protection from the elements, particularly the sun. Some rodeos still won't admit you without long sleeves.

Our Take: Many classic Aloha shirts also have long sleeves. And if you roll your sleeves up (easy to do with our fabric), you now have short sleeves. Two shirts in one!

A sturdy collar, placket, and cuffs

Cowboy Reason: A cowboy can be rough around the edges, but not a cowboy's shirt.

Our Take: We spent a lot of time designing collar, cuffs, and placket to be both sturdy and comfortable.

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