History Of The Hawaiian Cowboy Shirt

hawaiian cowboy shirt history

 Many of our shirts are inspired by classic western shirts that Hawaiian Cowboy's, Paniolo's, used to wear.

With origins in traditional work shirts, by the 1930s western shirts had developed their own distinct style suitable for town or ranch.  Rockmount Ranch Wear of Denver, Colorado made the first commercially available western shirts with snaps in the 1940s.  Rockmount’s founder, Jack Weil, was a man of western substance and style.  He lived in Denver until the age of 107.  In addition to being the first person to put snaps on western shirts, he also is credited with inventing the bolo tie. 

Believe it or not, western and Aloha shirts have been linked since the early days of each style.  In the 1940s, Rockmount already was making western shirts with prints that would have made great Aloha shirts, except the motifs were from scenes of the western frontier.  

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